Hydropower Plant Group Kaprun I (Dominium terrae)

The Hydropower Plant Group located in Kaprun is a compound of 2 barrages, 2 main (a third projected) and one secondary power plant and 4 reservoirs producing electricity by using the gravitational potential energy of water, stretching nearly 1,000 m of altitude difference. As by design these sites retain water, in this case from the Higher Tauern mountain range, by dams forming large artificial lakes or specifically speaking reservoirs on a higher level which is then run through turbines driving a generator on a lower level.

The complex is also capable of reversing this principle by pumping water from lower level into the reservoirs in off-load situations and thus storing the potential power for peak times. That being said the Hydropower Plant Group in Kaprun’s maximum output amounts to 833 MW of power, delivering 10 % of Austria’s peak load requirements.

First ideas to tame the natural ressources date back to 1928 and have been eagerly conducted prior to the 2nd World War. In 1947 this projected savoured a vast financial supply by the European Recovery Program (so-called Marshall Plan) up to its opening in 1955. The latest upgrade has been completed in 2011.

View along the upper barrage dam Mooserboden (at 2,036 m) down on the lower reservoir Wasserfallboden with the Limberg dam (at 1,672 m).

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  • Austria
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